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identification and recruitment of senior sales folks and technical folks in the ingredient world. I work both food ingredients and industrial ingredients


the Americas with an emphasis on the United States.


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35+ Years of professional Applicant placements.

The Triton Group has achieved a successful track record at meeting clients’ needs in various disciplines. Each search is developed to your specifications through a series of questions that will allow us to complete your assignment with speed and quality. We consider each search as a “key person” need regardless of title.


    The Triton Group, Inc. is owned and operated by Arthur Anderson, a Certified Personnel Consultant, a 35+ year professional with 29 of those years in the search business.

  • FEES

    Our fees are negotiated before any search is begun, terms will be spelled out in a letter of agreement. A typical fee will represent 25 – 30% of the candidates starting salary. The Triton Group has a long history with both retained and contingency fee search work. In 2014 we are adding a third option to our customers. We will be offering an hourly rate for those customers that want specific tasks done by The Triton Group. The hourly rate will also be negotiated before activities begin. The option that best suits your needs depends on the level of commitment you as the client require from us. All fees are charged to the hiring company.

  • Mission

    To provide comprehensive search services to our client companies, presenting highly qualified individuals in a timely manner, while maintaining a high level of integrity with both client and candidate.

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When reviewing you as a person we look at the whole package. We find the “right fit” for your career advancement rather then any job out there.
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